Inspection Standard

 Our inspectors throughout China have adopted the ISO 2859 tables (also known as AQL tables) to measure acceptable levels of quality of the products they inspect.
These tables are a US standard with equivalents in all national and international standardization organizations.
  • ANSI/ASQC Z1.4
  • ISO 2859
  • NF06-022
  • BS 6001
  • DIN 40080
Inspection Steps:
1.     Confirm the sample quantity based on order quantity.
2.     Choose acceptance level to confirm the defects quantity can be accepted. (Level II)
3.     Count the defects quantity to judge the inspection result.
One buyer sources 1500pcs of chairs.
1.     As lot size is (1201-3200pcs) and inspection level is Level II, then sample size letter is “K”.
2.     Sample size is “K” (125pcs) and acceptance level “2.5”, then quality can be PASS if there are less than 7 quality defects.
3.     There are three kinds of defects defined as CRITICAL, MAJOR and MINOR. We will do the inspection with INSPECTION LEVEL II, ACCEPTANCE SIZE (Critical: 0, Major: 2.5; Minor: 4.0). Defects number can be accepted will be Critical (0), Major (7), Minor (10).


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