About Us

Our Mission
Founded in 2008, Marsky is an independent inspection company in China. We served oversea buyers during their transactions with the China suppliers.
We have served more than 300 clients, helping them audit suppliers, do quality inspections, supervise the containers loading, do lab tests, etc.
We aim at being their agent in China, following the orders to make sure everything is under control until the final shipment. You will receive goods from your supplier, with perfect quality.
Service Type
Supplier Audit
1.     Factory overview – The auditor will walk through the factory and take photos of all the audited details of the supplier. You will get to know whether the supplier exists. You will have the general information of the supplier.
2.     Documents review – The auditor will check all the documents and records to help you check whether the supplier is real or fake, or whether have good trading history and business reputation.
3.     Production line check – The auditor will check all production lines in the factory. We will evaluate the production lines to give you the suggestion whether the supplier has the production capacity for your order.
4.     Quality control system – The auditor will check whether the supplier has good quality control system. Good quality control system will be a great advantage when you choose a supplier to cooperate with.
Quality Inspection
During the quality inspection, our quality inspector will check the quantity, the packing and marking, the specifications such as the size, the internal construction, the function and the quality defects, etc,
1.     Initial production quality inspection - Raw material inspection / Production plan inspection
2.     During production quality inspection - Perform the quality inspection when 20% or more of the order has been finished.
3.     Pre-shipment quality inspection - Quality inspection conducted when all the products have been finished and packed, before shipment.
Container Loading Supervision
1.     The inspector will check the container condition.
2.     For each item, the inspector will open one package for quick check to make sure what loaded into the container is ordered by the buyer.
3.     The inspector will count the quantity loaded into the container to confirm the goods loaded into the container with right quantity as shown on the contract.
4.     After the loading finished, the inspector will seal the container.
Other Services
We make solutions for you based on your needs. We also provide some other kinds of services such as sample taken supervision, lab test, samples collecting, business translation, etc.



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